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David Van Hoorik
David is the owner and operator of Real Fit. He has over 6 years of experience as a world class professional athelete, nutritional counselor, and fitness coaching. David is certified through A.C.S.M. & NCCPT.




"I have been training with David at Real Fit for quite some time now. Since I started, my weight loss has been dramatic; my suit size has gone down from a 48 Long to a 42 Long. I feel full of energy, in great health and proud of the success I have achieved.


David was instrumental in designing the right combination of training exercises which helped me attain this result. David is determined, and inspiring, he is truly dedicated to his craft and his customers. Without his help and guidance I would not have been able to achieve such an unbelievable outcome."

- Nick Stellin, Oro Valley AZ


"When I bought my teen-age daughter a series of training sessions with David, she thanked me for having given her the best gift of her life. It is the best gift I can give myself as well. I feel stronger and more fit than ever, and have been less prone to injury. I have never had so much fun working so hard. David is an exceptionally talented and dedicated trainer who knows how to achieve results. "

- Leslie Dunn, Tucson AZ

"Every workout with David is challenging, different, fun and rewarding. I am in the best shape of my life and can honestly say I have never enjoyed exercise as much as I now do. I feel strong and fit and it's all thanks to David"

- Francine Stern, Tucson AZ

"Leo has a way of pushing me further than I ever thought I could go. I look forward to his energy and enthusiasm at every workout - he is a fun and motivating trainer. He has helped me completely reshape my body. I now run a 4.42sec 40 yard dash compared to 4.96sec when i started."

- Connor Sapire, Oro Valley AZ



"We've known David Van Hoorik in a professional capacity as my personal trainer for 2 years. His work ethic is beyond reproach. His enthusiasm and encouragement has enabled me to take my physical training to a higher level then I thought possible. David is always on time and prepared with a positive attitude. He is able to adapt his expertise regardless of the level of his client which makes it extremely easy to understand and work with."

- Barry & Tina Helfand, Tucson AZ


"David is the absolute best trainer I have ever worked with. Because of his abilities to motivate, challenge and inspire, I have successfully lost more than 30 lbs. I like having children -- I've had three so far, and I'm planning on another. It's a formidable task, but I know with David as my guide, I'll be able to lose the weight I inevitably gain. Today, I feel stronger, healthier and more confidant than I ever have. I also have a great time with David and the gang at Real Fit. It's just like "Cheers" where everyone knows your name. David has helped change my life for the better and I'm a healthier, happier person because of it."

- Jenny Birchfield-Eick, Tucson AZ

"Coach David is not only a great coach when it comes to physical training. His coaching can also unleash your creative energy and the courage to follow the path that will make you most happy. Some other people out there need his straightforwardness and power of observation for sure. In my case, I spent only 8 weeks together with him and this is what I realized two months later. A very big part of my accomplishments ares the result of our discussions during my visit this summer. I guess I met David at the right time :). Thank you coach."

- Sara R. Sweden, Nebraska

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