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On a safe and effective workout program or change up or add to your current workout program. Learn safe operation of all fitness equipment while learning proper strength training and cardiovascular exercise techniques. The orientation includes assessment of your goals and needs, body measurements, BMI, flexibility, and cardiovascular strength.



If you’ve started a fitness program before and haven’t followed through or would like to exercise but are having trouble getting started, then Real Fit is for you. It’s a multi-week program designed to ease you into a fitness program and help you build the commitment to keeping fit. Step-by-step your Wellness coach will help you learn how combine the cardiovascular exercises with strength training. Your coach will stay in touch with you during the entire program and help you stay motivated. You’ll take away tips and techniques to help you make fitness a lifelong habit.

          Nutrition Counseling


At Real Fit, we truly strive to help Everybody. Our solution is to change lives while optimizing health and productivity; through Nutrition Counseling - Food plans and MACRO Counting. We will also build a program to help with strength, cardio and flexibility training. change lives while optimizing health and productivity. We believe the path to health and wellness is a resolute lifestyle change. These are high energy classes, and we can customize exercises for your limitations and needs.



Looking for off-season workouts to keep you in shape and top of the game!! We offer dynamic workouts tailored and matched with personal attention for a workout scene where you are motivated to do your best. These are high energy, speed and strength workouts. We track our athletes to record there performance and show the progress.



Incorporate the components of total fitness including:

  • Muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular conditioning.

  • Guided fitness workouts.

  • Monitor progress and adjust workouts accordingly.

  • Provide accountability and motivation in achieving fitness goal.



Our trainers can provide programs to improve posture, coordination and decrease risk of injury by focusing on balance and training the abdominal and lower back muscles. These are fun and callorie blasting workouts!

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